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Rust Problems…No More?

When starting a mustang project 30, 20, even 10 or fewer years ago you had a limited amount of choices to choose from. Your mustang had to be almost rust free unless you had money for an expensive project or could weld and fabricate.

Mustang Project Years Ago

But as time has passed and technology advanced more and more replacement panels are making the project easier. Today you can buy a repair panel for almost every part of the classic mustang. This new advancement will help many mustangs stay far away from the crusher and will save brother mustang will not have to give up a life for another.

Yes... This Is A Shelby Rust Bucket

Take a look at this ’67 Shelby… YES I did say Shelby! Now with the help of replacement sheet metal this baby can be refurbished to new.

For all of those Mustang II owners would cry at this picture but now they can take care of these stallions in an easier way then ever before.

Little Rusty You Think...

Even that daily driver with a little rust on the fender or rear or front panel can be refurbished!

Daily Driver Rust

Ok you guys have fun and please save some Mustangs! Here are some addresses to help you out, in your quest for restoring America’s history.

Mustangs Unlimited

CJ Pony Parts


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